This week we had Poink. It was Blast! What a way to end a season.  We’ll be back in about two weeks after our hiatus. Well until then be well.

You can find Poink here.

Also on twitter @poinkcast.


Outfox'd - Cyber Hushi
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Cyber Hushi

Outfox’d Episode 15 promo

Talis is back from his tour of Scotland.

Hushicho and I alone.

Klebkatt artist of CATDRAGON is with us this week. Talis isn’t here because of Scotland. I’m too busy fusing Pokemon. SUPA HAPPY FUN TIME! Oh! Also we’re a new sentai team!

 Catdragon Comic

 Klebkatt FA

With Guest  Tsutsumi author of Praying for Obsolescence . You can find his comic here!

It’s quite a fantastic sci-fi comic. So, please read it!

Yay Shenanigans

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